Is writing a worthy occupation?

Have you heard some people say that they are professional writers? Or you heard someone say their occupation is freelance writing? More often than not, such people will not explain clearly the nature of their occupation. That is why you might have presumed that it is not worth knowing about. Hold on now, I am about to reveal to you something fascinating.

We all have been writing since kindergarten after we first wrote the numbers and alphabets. Later on, we wrote compositions and essays, and sometimes wrote letters to our friends and loved ones. For those who have gone through college, many are the times you have written emails and cover letters applying for job positions.

My revelation to you is that YOU SHOULD BE PAID TO WRITE! Yes, you should earn money for your ability to use a pen and paper, or a computer keyboard and word document. Are you wondering how?

There is an exciting niche in freelancing, that has developed over time. Some companies often need content for their websites, yet they do not have fulltime employees to write it. Note that we are in an era where the gig economy is increasingly becoming relevant. So, such companies hire freelancers to write articles or memos at a fee. Payment begins at 1shiling per word, for which you can write fairly 40 words per minute. That is 40 bob per minute or about 2,400 per hour! You will always be asked to write the content that matched your capabilities. That is, the area you are good at. For instance, if you are good in business, you might be asked by a certain website to write a business-related article such as effects of Covid-19 to the consumer behaviours. Others write on lifestyles, beauty, careers, politics, news, and so on.

Besides that, many students from abroad usually look for private tutors. The work of such tutors is to assist them to complete essays, such as those required for college admission. I believe you can comfortably write an essay explaining why you want to join a certain college or university. I have seen someone get paid $50 for writing 500 words admission essay. Note that the western education system might be overwhelming. Thus, some students will even look for someone to assist with their homework. Simply helping such a student say with their biology homework (e.g. explaining the effects of air pollution) allows you to make an income. This area (now called academic writing) is very lucrative, and it has become a big source of income for many college students and graduates.

The only challenges associated with writing are those that face freelancers. For example, you do not have the luxury to wake up and go to an office to do your work. Also, you will need professional skills to become competitive. Also, the western education system is different from most African education systems. Thus, you need to learn to write like you are a western tutor or student. That is why we have brought you a comprehensive course with both academic and article writing modules to help you write like a pro. Check them out.

Now you might be wondering how you will get these jobs. Worry not, because we got your back. First, there are established companies, big and small, which outsource writing jobs for you. All you have to do is sign up as a writer and begin making your income. Since these positions are highly contested, you will have to pass a screening system (a sort of test). That is why you need our courses. Here, at Exprofessor, we do advertise positions on our Facebook page. You might want to like it to be the first to know once a position is advertised. Secondly, you may get jobs from other writers who outsource jobs locally. There is a robust community of writers in Kenya, with more than 200K fulltime writers both in article writing and academic writing. You will find them on Facebook groups with keywords such as “article writing” or academic writers.” In such groups, you will find some writers advertising projects which you can help and make your income. Details about how it works are found in module one of our courses, and it is free. It is an open market where many of us began and we scaled up to acquiring direct clients or positions in big writing companies.

Thus far, I believe you already have an answer, that writing is surely a worthy occupation. Should you want to join this career path, I wish you the best of luck. Leave me a question or a comment.

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