Welcome Note


This is a brief note to all trainees.

  1. You will be able to access all materials upon logging in. When logged in, you will see your username on the menu.
  2. Enrolled members have the rights to all educationsl materials forever. Keep referring to them in the course of your writing career. Some elements like paper styles are subject to change and will be updated accordingly
  3. Complete all modules as instructed by our tutors or the admin, including quizes, assignments, and exams. You will need to upload completed assignments and exams as word documents formats only in the delegated areas, or send them to support@exprofessor.com for promt marking.
  4. It is important to address your tutor comments. Make sure to do revisions as requested, as we aim for you to become the best and competitive writer in the industry.
  5. Once you have completed the course, apply for a writers position to work with us at www.exprofessior.com. Kindly note that we do not guarantee employment, but we give priority to writers who we have trained.